About UP Export Corporation

Treasures the world loves...

Centuries ago began the great romance of man trying to give .expression to his deeper yearnings. Thus sparked off the creative genius of people in the many splendoured land of Uttar Pradesh. . Today as the endless lure of the prized treasures of the Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh spreads across India and the world, let us gently pause at some pulse points- Marblecraft and Stoneware from Agra, Brassware from Moradabad and Aligarh, Woodcraft from Saharanpur, Leather goods from Kanpur and Agra, and Floor coverings from Bhadohi-Mirzapur, Agra and Hathras. But these are just moments within the phenomenal creative platform of Uttar Pradesh, where every creation ever seeks succour and strength from the one and only Gangotri the source of enchanting Handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh. Come, indulge yourself in the timeless and timely world of art and craft. The world of Uttar Pradesh Export Corporation.


The Corporation was established on 20th January 1966 under Companies Act 1956 as a Government Company. The policy making body of the Corporation is Board of Directors, nominated by the State Government. The administrative, commercial and financial powers vest with the Managing Director who implements the policies and carries out activities of the Corporation with the assistance of managerial and ministerial staff at Head Office and in the field.


The objective of the Corporation primarily was promotion of export from the State of Uttar Pradesh. Later on the activities of the U.P. State Emporia, then known as U.P.Government Handicrafts were also transferred to U.P.Export Corporation Ltd. on 15.12.1971 by the Directorate of Industries, U.P. With the inception of Export Promotion Bureau, U.P., in the year 1999, the activities relating to the Export Promotion are now being performed by the Bureau. Presently, the main objective of the Corporation are as follows:

Primary Objective:

  1. To organize and effect export of handicrafts / handloom and other products of Uttar Pradesh having export potential or directed to be exported by the State Government.

  2. To act as a handicraft development body in the State so as to assist the artisans by developing infrastructure for production and marketing of various handicrafts produced in the State.

  3. To promote sales of handicraft and handloom products of the State through its chain of GANGOTRI emporia established in major cities of the country.

Emanating from the above, the following are the secondary objectives of the Corporation

  1. To generate increased employment opportunities and to ensure adequate income generation for the artisans/weavers in the handicraft and handloom sectors of the State with the financial assistance of Union/ State Govt.

  2. In order to provide platform to the artisans for their direct interaction with the buyers, the UPEC organises Craft Bazars and Exhibitions with the financial assistance of the Union/State Government.

  3. UPEC, with the assistance of Central aid, also organises design workshops and thematic exhibitions for the development of the crafts and the Craftpersons.